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Comparettia speciosa ‘Baker’s Beauty’
Comparettia speciosa ‘Orange perfection’

Here is a great species made with two exceptional parents. Plants require intermediate conditions, remain compact and have stunning bright orange flowers. The plants being offered are very near flowering size in 2” pots.

2” pot $20


Catasetum lucis ‘Dana’s bird of paradise’ AM/AOS
Catasetum sanguineum ‘Dark Dragon’

Here is a truly exceptional hybrid made with two outstanding parents. Expect very robust plants that flower with stems over two feet in length with long lasting highly fragrant flowers. Plants are near flowering size in 3” pots.

3” pot $20


Emb. rodigasiana ‘Rogue Orchids’
Stan. tigrina ‘Glory of Mexico’ AM/AOS

Here is a really wild cross that should be just outstanding. Both species are truly exceptional and this has made a compact, very robust hybrid that should bloom with massive highly fragrant flowers. The seedlings are very well established in 3” pots and should flower within a year.

3” pot $25


Bulb. bufordiense ‘King Cobra’
Bulb. arfakianum ‘Semi alba’

Here is a great new Bulbo hybrid that is vigorous and very robust. The parents used are both exceptional and this will produce a very compact hybrid with large reptilian looking blooms. The plants are growing vigorously in 2” pots.

2” pot $20

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