Orchids / Species and Hybrids

Orchid Species and Hybrids


Epidendrum pseudepidendrum ‘Baker’s Panama’ x sib
Epi. pseudopidendrum

Here is a great and very rare species from Panama. This Epidendrum is one of my favorites and has proven to be fairly easy to cultivate under intermediate-warm conditions. The flowers are very long lasting and have lime green petals and dorsal and a bright orange waxy lip. These seedlings have been incredibly vigorous and will likely be flowering size in a year or less. This species can bloom with heads holding 4-8 flowers and will re-bloom off the same flower spike for several years. This is a great species and will make a great addition to any orchid collection.

2.25”-3” pots $28


Cattleya violacea v. flamea ‘Amazon Beauty’ x self
Cattleyaiolacea v. flamea ‘Amazon Beauty’

This truly is one of this most impressive and rare species variation. I have enjoyed cultivating C. violacea for some time and have been absolutely hooked since the first time I saw a flamea form in flower. The parent plant is a sibing between 2 very good cultivars and has proven to be extremely vigorous, much easier to grow than many other plants I have of this species. The flowers are also very flat, stunning color and do not reflex like so many plants of this species. The parent is exceptional and the offspring should be just as remarkable, already showing excellent vigor.

3” pots $35


Comparettia speciosa ‘Baker’s Beauty’ x Comparettia speciosa ‘orange perfection’
Comparettia speciosa ‘Baker’s Beauty’

This species has fascinated me for many years and have had the opportunity to grow and bloom quite a few over the last decade. Many claim this to be a cool grower; however I have found it to be very adaptive and thrives well in intermediate to warm conditions as long as other factors (irrigation, light etc.) are taken into account. The species does best mounted and does require frequent watering. The flowers are truly amazing and are a near fluorescent orange and can have a lip up to about the size of a half dollar. The flowers bloom on very long spikes and the blooms themselves are very long lasting, upwards of 2 months. The species is highly floriferous and would say it flowers about 6-8 months out of the year. Do not remove the stem on these as they will continue to bloom from the same inflorescence, often for several years. The parents used are exceptional…the best I have flowered. These will be a real treat guaranteed!!!

2” pots $25


Cattleya dowiana v. rosita ‘Rogue Orchids’ x self
Cattleya dowiana v. rosita ‘Rogue Orchids’

Hereis a very rare, possibly extinct species variety from Costa Rica. This species is outstanding and the rosita variety in my opinion is the best and most beautiful. Plants do very well mounted or in baskets when mature and flower with massive brightly colored flowers with the incredible dowiana lip. The parent plant is a great one and is a sibing from 2 excellent parents from Hawaii. These have grown incredibly well from flask and should be nothing short of spectacular when they bloom. The parent plant is one of the most impressive Cattleya species I have ever had the pleasure to cultivate and am proud to be able to offer this rare and beautiful variety.

3” pots $30


Epi. pseudopidendrum ‘Rogue Orchids’ x Epi. melanoporphyreum’ Rogues purple delight’
Epi.pseudipedendrum ‘Baker’s Beauty’ Epi. melanoporphyreum’ Rogues purple delight’

This is a very new and exciting cross between my two absolute favorite reed stem Epidendrums. Both of these Epi’s have very similar growth habits and flower structure…Combination should be just wild. This should produce a very robust hybrid with dark foliage from the Epi. melano. and warmth tolerant plants from the Epi. pseudo. The flowers should be a combination of deep purple and orange but will likely be very complex. These will be very easy to grow and flower….and will not take long to become flowering size.

2” pots $20