All flasks are limited and stock is constantly changing.
Flasks contain typically between 25-30 plantlets.
Flask list is current as of October 2018.


Bulbophyllum macrobulbon ‘magnifico’AM/AOS x self

Bulbphyllum macrobulbon ‘magnifico’ AM/AOS

This in my opinion is one of the best and most magnificent species of Bulbophyllum. Bulbophyllum macrobulbon is related to many other fascinating species such as phalaenosis, spiesii and is incredibly rare to find in cultivation. The particular plant used is quite famous, has won many awards and is highly regarded by many orchid connoisseurs. The plant flower frequently, up to 4-5 times per year and has really colorful bright orange red flowers and can hold many blooms per stem. The species is tolerant of intermediate conditions and has proven itself fairly easy to cultivate. I would recommend that the buyer have some experience with cultivating from flask but these do not require any special treatment. These will be exceptional and are guaranteed 100% accurate.

The flasks have approx. 20-25 plants that have excellent roots and are ready to be potted.


Mormodes colossus ‘Rogue Orchids’ x self

Mormodes colossus ‘Rogue Orchids’ BB-0279

This is a truly rare and exceptional species of Mormodes. It has taken me many years to obtain an accurate plant of this species and it is truly spectacular. This species is found in Panama and flowers with exceptionally large blooms that do not reflex and have bronze colored petals with a deep red lip. The plants remain fairly compact and flower with very tall spikes with long lasting flowers. This species is very floriferous, flowering several times per year and has proven to be one of the easier species to cultivate from the alliance. If you are a collector of truly exceptional Catasetinae species, these are a must for your collection.


Dendrobium spectabile v. flavum ‘Rogue Orchids’ x self

Dendrobium spectabile v. flavum ‘Rogue Orchids’

Here is an incredibly wild and rare species variety from Papua New Guinea. I have cultivated this species for a long time and it is very rewarding. The flowers last for a very long time, upwards of 2 months and are highly fragrant. This is a very rare variety of a pure flavum form and has stunning green crystalline coloration with a bright yellow lip. This plant consistently flowers from March-August, often twice per year and generally pushes several spikes per cane. If you are a collector of great and rare orchid species, this is a must for your collection. Parent plant is a sibing between two very nice flavum specabile species.

flasks are packed with 25-30 very vigorous plantlets ready to be potted out.


Stan. jenishiana ‘Baker’s golden lantern’ x Stan. assidensis ‘Rogue Orchids’
Stan. assidensis ‘Rogue Orchids’ Stan. jenishiana ‘Baker’s golden lantern’

Here is a new and very exciting cross between two outstanding Stanhopeas. These should really be a nice treat as both the parents are truly exceptional. The Stanhopea jenishiana used is my best plant of the species, flowering with bright, near florescent orange flowers, up to 14 flowers per stem and flowers several times per year. The Stanhopea assidensis used is an absolute masterpiece with massive bright orange flowers, up to 6 per stem and is also highly floriferous blooming back to back throughout the entire flowering season. Both of these plants are very easy to cultivate and flower, taking a wide range of cultural conditions and are both wonderfully fragrant. This should produce a very robust Stanhopea hybrid with large bright orange spotted flowers on vigorous plants that should be nothing short of spectacular.

Flasks are packed with 25-30 excellent plants with exceptional roots that are ready to be potted out.


Coryanthes seegeri ‘Rogue orchids’ x Coryanthes macrantha ‘Baker’s perfection’
Coryanthes seegeri ‘Rogue orchids’ Coryanthes macrantha ‘Baker’s passion’

Here is a very wild new Coryanthes hybrid crossed with two truly exceptional species. I find Coryanthes absolutely fascinating and this is a hybrid between two of my absolute best. This hybrid will remain fairly compact maxing out with leaves that reach around 12-15” and a well established plant can thrive in a 4” basket. This hybrid should be incredibly vigorous (has already proven to be from flask) and the blooms should be massive and highly colorful. I am really excited about this hybrid as both parents are truly spectacular. The Coryanthes seegeri flowers with up to 3 large colorful flowers and is highly floriferous flowering 6-8 times per year on a mature plant. The Coryanthes macrantha used is massive, about the diameter of a soft ball, has beautiful coloration and is also very floriferous flowering 4-6 times per year. If you have had trouble in the past with Coryanthes species, the likely cause is that they do not import well and are DOA in a sense…Even though they may flower and grow for up to a year. This cross has already proven itself very robust from flask and the flowers should be just “out of this world” impressive.

Flasks are packed with 25-30 excellent plants with exceptional roots that are ready to be potted out.