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Whether you need lighting, potting, nutrients, or even a full greenhouse built, we can help.

Full list of products offered below:

Growing Accessories
Fertilizer Injectors
Reverse Osmosis
Pruners, Shears & Scissors
Stakes & Hangars
Growing Media
California Charcoal
Coconut Fiber (Coir)
Coconut Husk Chips
Earthworm Castings
Grodan Grow Cubes
Kiwi Pine Bark
Maidenwell Diatomite
New Zealand Spaghnum Moss
Plug Trays
Sponge Rock (Perlite)
Pots & Containers
Black Round Pots
Clear Pots
Cymbidium Pots
Net Pots
Planter Trays
Plastic Terracota Pots
Square Green Pots
Wooden Baskets
US Orchid Supplies Specialty Mixes
Nutrients & Suppliments
Dyna Gro
Grow More
Jack’s Classic
Nutricote Type 180 13-13-13
Orchid Focus
Plant Care
Active Eye Microscopes
Doktor Doom
Green Shield Disinfectant & Algicide
Hydrogen Peroxide Solution
Mildew Cure
Mosquito Dunks
Physan 20
Pro-Control TR Aerosol
PureSpray Green Organic Spray Oil
Safer Brand
Serenade Garden Disease Control
Sticky Traps
Sulfur Evaporator