Black Lace

Cattleya Violacea



Unique and impressive! Plants of this genus are quite possibly the most highly evolved of all orchids. Most posses both male and female flowers; male flowers often have an elaborate trigger mechanism and are very colorful. The female flowers are entirely different and very similar and alien in appearance.

Paphiopedilum Micranthum


Commonly referred to as “lady slippers”, this genus is comprised of very unique and highly coveted species from SE Asia that all possess a fascinating pouch and are highly variable. This species holds some of the most sought after plants in the entire orchid world.



Intriguing and incredibly beautiful species found throughout Latin America. These plants are also highly evolved and incredibly elaborate. Most flower through the bottom of the basket and one can actually watch these flowers burst open and come alive, right before your very eyes.

Bulbophyllum - Dancing Spider


Diverse, fascinating and often out of this world. This Genus is one of the largest and contains species that virtually come in all shapes, sizes, colors and fragrances. These plants have flowers that often resemble insects and all operate on a hinged lip that often wiggle in the slightest breeze. Most are very easy to cultivate.